Fernando L. Baez Cup in Adjuntas  

The Cup will be held on 15 and 16 September in Adjuntas. It will compete in FREE ALZADAS, OLIMPICAS ALZADAS and FISICULTURISMOS. There will be cash prizes. This will be the event of the muscle and the greatest force that will take place in the history of Puerto Rico.

Powerlifting is a type of sport which contains three lifting styles, or areas in the event. As with any other sport which needs strength training, powerlifting includes its own principles, special exercise methods and gear. It requires years of training to master appropriate tactics and become a professionally trained athlete in this game.

heavy weight squat

The sport of powerlifting started in the United States. Originally there wasn’t any powerlifting but something which has been known as strange and odd lifts. This was made up from a wide selection of significant lifts, which occasionally included the existing exercises, such as squat, bench press, and deadlift. The rules were diverse between stats, until at any point the powerlifting sport as we understand it today was formed. From there on, it had been popularized and approved extensively in Puerto Rico, Russia and from several countries around the world.bench press

As of today we’ve got quite a few federations Worldwide that operate independently from each other using their very own specific variant of the principles. A number of the larger federations contain RAW, USAPL, ADFPF, WPC, WPO, APF and so Forth. All of them have their own particular rules regarding lifts which are done, equipment that’s utilized, whether the drug testing will be completed and a number of other associated matters.

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