Fernando L. Baez Cup in Adjuntas  

The Cup will be held on 15 and 16 September in Adjuntas. It will compete in FREE ALZADAS, OLIMPICAS ALZADAS and FISICULTURISMOS. There will be cash prizes. This will be the event of the muscle and the greatest force that will take place in the history of Puerto Rico.

Powerlifting is a type of sport which contains three lifting styles, or areas in the event. As with any other sport which needs strength training, powerlifting includes its own principles, special exercise methods and gear. It requires years of training to master appropriate tactics and become a professionally trained athlete in this game.

heavy weight squat

The sport of powerlifting started in the United States. Originally there wasn’t any powerlifting but something which has been known as strange and odd lifts. This was made up from a wide selection of significant lifts, which occasionally included the existing exercises, such as squat, bench press, and deadlift. The rules were diverse between stats, until at any point the powerlifting sport as we understand it today was formed. From there on, it had been popularized and approved extensively in Puerto Rico, Russia and from several countries around the world.bench press

As of today we’ve got quite a few federations Worldwide that operate independently from each other using their very own specific variant of the principles. A number of the larger federations contain RAW, USAPL, ADFPF, WPC, WPO, APF and so Forth. All of them have their own particular rules regarding lifts which are done, equipment that’s utilized, whether the drug testing will be completed and a number of other associated matters.

Do you need weightlifting shoes?

This is a question that I get asked quite a lot!  And to answer the question simply – you should be able to lift more weight (and in a safer way) when using a good set of weightlifting shoes. The shoes that most people wear to the gym are actually designed for running or another sport as they also have an inbuilt cushioning to absorb energy with every step that they take. This makes them very good for jogging, but not so great for weightlifting.

As opposed to absorbing pressure, you require a shoe that can allow you to utilize all of the force that your body generates to help you to transfer weight. The more energy that you are able to create, the bigger weights that you’ll be able to move. This is why you may see some lifters take part in barefoot weightlifting as their feet are are in direct contact with the floor.  The best lifting shoes work in a similar way.

Proper weightlifting shoes have very little cushioning so that none of the exerted force is wasted.

Many people ask me “Do I really need weightlifting shoes?“. If you’re able to create more drive through the floor, you are able to use of more of that energy and lift more weight. If you’re able to move the bar further, you’ve got a better chance of lifting heavier. In addition, once you’re beneath the bar, you push harder from the squat with weightlifting shoes, being your place of contact with the floor, are hauling the most you can with the force you’re generating up from the ground, through your entire body, and to up to that barbell.

You might have noticed the raised heal that weightlifting shoes have. This is a huge benefit, as it enables you to squat yourself right into a lower location via enhanced ankle motion. This weightlifting shoe heel height differs between manufacturer and this can allow you to boost your body position also, since you’ll wind up sitting more upright. A more vertical chest means more chance of holding the barbell and moving it in an ideal way – up! This raised heel also lets you activate much more of your body to move that bar upward.  This is also great for beginners to learn the basics of weightlifting.


Weightlifting shoes will provide better stability in squat-based exercises as this is where you require more stability and a better range of movement. At times you won’t have the ability to wear them all the time. As an instance, running while wearing them remains pretty tough.

Therefore, in the case you have a workout which incorporates cardio, you ought to use to your regular shoes.

Weightlifting shoes will also be more secure than your normal minimalist shoe or barefoot, not only underfoot, but also around your entire foot. This makes sure you’ve got a sturdy and consistent foundation to stand on properly, push through, and push out into – This is significant for performance and also injury prevention in the same amounts. If you get injured less, you can train more. The more you’re able to train, the more you can improve your lifts!

pro weightlifter

If you’re choosing between easily available pairs, then that’s likely going to be the largest gap between distinct shoes. This implies not only the way the shoe actually feels, but the color, manufacturer, or anything else feels right. Personally, this really is half of the advantage of any exercise equipment- such as compression equipment, KT tape, or any other things. Confidence goes straight in your lifting, definitely in pro Olympic weightlifting in which aggression, speed, and commitment are essential. That’s all cool if you are choosing between sneakers which are available today. But seeing as it is your very first pair, I’d just get a set you like as soon as you can!

Are Squats Important?

Heavy Barbell Squatting has become a subject of fantastic debate among powerlifters and weightlifting fans. Barbell Squatting involves putting a fantastic quantity of iron weights on a barbell bar positioned on the back your shoulders and getting your body to slowly move down by bending your knees. It’s become the mainstay of powerlifting within the last ten years.

Throughout the mid to late 90s that the resurgence of Dorian Yates as a famous bodybuilder placed the limelight on squats again. Being among the three significant lifts in powerlifting competitions, squats have been regarded as an important part any training program. The squat is an elevator exercise that’s hard to perform together with the correct form, but it is known as a true bodybuilder’s exercise.  Around this time, many types of weightlifting equipment made an appearance. Such as great squat shoes.

“Should you want boost your arms in size then begin squatting heavy!” All these will be the words of a renowned bodybuilding champion. Legions of newcomer 150-pound lifters began taking this as gospel and ridiculed whoever stated that squats should not be done and heavy. ” Squat until you can’t” was frequently a term used to answer somebody seeking to go past a plateau. If you had flaws in any body part, it had been presumed that the squat could magically remove this weakness. ” Perform squats Gradually and observe your entire body grow,” was commonly heard everywhere.

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This went on and on for nearly a decade since the rabid online newbie bodybuilders continued to contemplate the squat. This was highly evident when 8-time Olympia Champion; Ronnie Coleman was observed squatting 800lbs in a movie only a couple of weeks before the Mr. Olympia contest. Some blamed his attitude of never to back down on exceptionally heavy lifts. It was absurd that his opponents were believed to be weaklings since they never actually went all out to the barbell squat.

Plenty of Bodybuilders Weren’t Squatting

Since the bodybuilding cycle lasted, the squat began to get less and less attention from the online bodybuilders. With the collapse of this incredible king Ronnie Coleman, the squat headline appeared to have disappeared. Subsequently superstar stylist, Bob Cicherillo uttered out openly that squats weren’t the “be-all, end-all” of leg exercises. Dexter Jackson also placed a lid on the squat feeling that’s spanned the bodybuilding community for many years by winning Mr. Olympia in 2008. Dexter Jackson isn’t regarded as an extreme squatter.squat back

The bodybuilding landscape is an interesting one. Every time a dominant lifter arrives at the scene, he magically transforms the fundamental tenets of bodybuilding. His domination appears to fuel the urge of underdeveloped bodybuilders to put his achievement on one bodybuilding principle. And this is exactly what exactly happened during the past couple of decades for the barbell squat. The previous two years were dominated by power concentrated athletes: Ronnie Coleman and Dorian Yates.

However, others have done the same with comparatively lighter barbell squats. Recent champions Jay Cutler and Dexter Jackson aren’t famous for exceptionally heavy weight training procedures.

How can this influence the standard everyday bodybuilder? Utilize the squat within your toolbox. Never blindly follow the trend that arrives from the bodybuilding market. Build your leg muscles with the squat along with the leg press machine and leg extension.

Get The Correct Weightlifting Shoes

When someone first goes to a gym, the first things that they would probably like to get are some great gym shoes. Unfortunately, when they do decide on a set of sneakers, they select them based on their appearance rather than performance or effectiveness. This is a major mistake as the many different types of exercises require different shoes to be worn for them. For example, running shoes should be worn while going out for a run. This is due to the simple fact that when we workout, there are particular injuries that can be caused due to repetitive movements. And sneakers are specially made out of air or gel cells around the bottom to decrease the impact shock that’s caused while moving. If we were to utilize any other shoes aside from running shoes while conducting, we run the danger of injuring ourselves.

weightlifting without shoes

Because of the many different reasons, most shoes out there on the market are comfortable sneakers and are not good shoes for weightlifting. These shoes are also more stylish and hence purchased most by fitness goers each year. On top of that, there is another reason for them being purchased frequently by gym goers. This is that the simple fact that most individuals know that while taking part in exercise you will need a technical pair of sneakers but the very same individuals are unaware that you also require a unique pair of sneakers while weightlifting. These are different to the shoes worn for doing other kinds of exercises.

When someone lifts weights while wearing jogging shoes there are lots of things that may fail. The very first issue is that while lifting weights, you require all of the power and force that your body is generating to start moving the weight. Sad to say, the soles of sneakers have been made in this way that they consume and dissipate a lot of energy from the ground when it ought to be employed to lift the weight.

weightlifting shoes correctly

The next problem with using sneakers while lifting weights is that while lifting, it’s extremely important to get a steady equilibrium to have the ability to raise the weight. We want complete control of the weight and also our own body to help us balance ourselves. And while wearing jogging shoes, there is not as much stability. There is a layer between our feet and the floor that’s compressible and making it hard for all of us to maintain our balance.

So the perfect shoes for weightlifters are those which are fitted securely. A comfortable fitting shoe that offers exceptional support and contains a wedge sole which isn’t compressible and with a firm grip on the ground is perfect for weightlifters. It’s advisable that the shoes lace all of the way down to the toe and also have an adjustable strap across the back area for great lateral stability.

Therefore, always remember before you begin weight lifting to purchase the right shoes. They may cost you more, but they’ll help with injury prevention during exercise.